Australian bikepacking, gravel and adventure cycling journal

Contribute your stories, routes, illustrations or other creative endeavours about bikepacking in Australia and New Zealand.

From the Journal

End of Lockdown Canberra Campout

By Stuart Potter

Pushing up Gloucester Tops on the Thunderbolts ride

Thunderbolts Enlightening, very very Frightening

By Stuart Potter

Surly bike on a beach in Tasmania

Trash Trek – Community Clean Up

By Allison Piercy

We don’t really care how you want to define your riding style. As soon as you mount your bicycle and take those first pedal strokes you’re entering our world, our journey to creating and celebrating the endless lines of desire drawn by our bicycles.

Upcoming bikepacking events in Australia & New Zealand

Gravel cyclists on the Noosa Gravel Camp


Noosa Gravel Camp

1st Oct


Tassie Gift

5th Nov

bikepacking at sunset on the Mallee Blast 1000 route


The Mallee Blast 1000

26th Nov


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