Zero G Gear

Who’s the maker behind Zero G Gear?

My name is Tearloch, I am 22 and I am the creator of Zero G Gear. I have aways been someone who is in awe with the outdoors and all it has to offer.

My love of the outdoors really began at the age 12 when my parents decided to take me and my brother to do a 5 day section of the Larapinta Trail. It was such an amazing trip and I have only recently gotten back from the Northern Territory, where after 10 years I completed the Trail.

I have always loved hiking, however for many years cycling was a major part of my life. I was lucky enough to race in the National Road Circuit, become an Everesting World Record holder and hold jerseys in International Tours. This was such incredible experience and opened the door to many exciting opportunities and challenges. Cycling has allowed me to achieve so many things and taught me a great deal about the rewards a good challenge can offer.

I have now turned to the world of Ultralight hiking for my next challenge.

portrait of Tearloch, the maker behind Zero G gear

How did your passion turn into making?

Once I started taking hiking more seriously, I began to delve into the world of Ultralight Gear. In the world of cycling, weight is something taken very seriously, I feel this somewhat influenced my hiking style. After discovering all the American ultralight companies, I was surprised by the limited options here in Australia. The companies leading the way here in Aus, such as Terra Rosa Gear, Tier Gear, Wilderness Threadworks and Undercling Mike have paved the way for the Australian Ultralight community.
I thought I’d jump head first into their world.

I started making gear for myself and then turned to making gear for others. This is something I take great pride in as I can only imagine the feeling of walking down a trail and seeing someone with my gear. I already feel proud to know something I have made is bringing joy to someone out on the trail.

Which product are you most proud of?

Currently I only have a select number of items but I have many projects, prototypes and ideas in the works. If I had to pick a current product, I would say either the quilts or food bags. My first real project was an ultralight quilt, I would say this is where the love of creating gear really kicked off.

I am currently halfway through a project which I cannot wait to share. It is something I don’t think has been fully explored here in Aus or NZ. It is the project that makes me excited about continuing to develop Zero G Gear and find out where I can take it.

What excites you about the AUS/NZ bikepacking scene?

The fact that the bikepacking community is growing and developing so quickly really excites me. It is already such a tight knit bunch of people and I cannot wait to see where it goes in the coming years. I for one can vouch for the incredible support received by this community first hand.

So many small businesses are starting to pop up all over Aus and NZ and are bringing their own unique product or experience which is really helping the community evolve. It will be something to watch with great anticipation over the next few years.
Every time someone goes on a new trip, explores that new trail or visits a local track the possibilities are endless as to where they will take both themselves, and the gear they choose to bring along.

What’s next for Zero G Gear?

Well…… I am hoping to continue making gear for those who feel the same as I do about the outdoors. In the coming months I hope to offer more new and exciting gear, some of which I don’t think has really been explored yet here in Aus or NZ.

From there, I will let the whole process point me in the direction I need to go. I have already discovered that this community will let you know which way to go and what needs to be done, but all I can hope is for this whole experience to continue, as it has been thoroughly enjoyable so far.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Zero G Gear.

Any other Aussie/NZ makers, creators and scene builders you want to shout out:

I would firstly like to thank yourself (Mattie Gould) for giving me the chance to write this, your support has been unwavering the past few weeks and for this I cannot thank you enough.

I would also like to thank the Australian gear companies who have paved the way for people like myself such as Terra Rosa Gear, Tier Gear, Wilderness Threadworks, Undercling Mike, Ultralight Hikers and many more.

And also to the countless people who have helped me along the way. I hope you know your part in this journey cannot be understated.

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