Bike Bag Dude

Who is Bike Bag Dude and how did you get started making bikepacking bags?

My name is Kedan and I am based in Mount Hutton which is a suburb of Lake Macquarie ( formerly a part of Newcastle). Married, 2 kids and 2 dogs.

I have a studio away from home that I work out of that is just below my local trails. I ride MTB 90% of the time and really only crack out the CX when its wet. But CX bikes are so 2018 that I prob should switch to a gravel rig to stay on trend.

Bike Bag Dude started the way many a business has…a mate asked me to make something, then other people saw it and wanted stuff for themselves

Is there a particular bag you’re most proud of?

I am super proud of my whole range; when you start out you have one product usually, and it’s massively hard to get enough people to buy that product and tell others it’s decent quality and value. You need that to get rolling….then you have to replicate the process for every new product or variant of an existing product.  

I am out to about 20 individual products that people are happy tp spend their hard earned on and that helps support my family. I am proud of that.

What are your thoughts on the Aus/NZ bikepacking scene? How would you like to see it grow?

The scene….. I feel there is plenty of stuff for riders who like to go long and can handle big days loaded up.

I would like to see some shorter routes for riders that can only manage smaller distance for whatever reason: time, ability. A local event was poised to head in that direction before Covid shutdowns….the Dirty Detour will be on at a later date and should be fun, just a gravel day ride of varying distances.

The remoteness of some our long courses puts a lot off people off as well. The Munda Biddi is a good example of how shorter distances between re-supply and amenities is a very popular option, even if the overall route is long.

Where have your bikepacking bags taken you and what’s on the horizon for Bike Bag Dude?

Like I get to go on any rides to fabulous locations! I am building a business and trying to stay afloat with a young family. My bags on the other hand have been to rad spots all over the world, have won major races and allowed me to meet some fabulous people

Horizon….nothing special…some big company hasn’t swooped in and bought me out so it looks like I will just be doing the same sort of stuff in the foreseeable future.

Kedan the maker behind bike bag dude

Would you like to shout out any other makers out there?

I know of a few brands that build gear but not the actual people behind them. The ones I know personally  I have spoken with over messenger or the phone: Simon @ Tier Gear , Evan @Terra Rosa and Harry @Hungry bags…. What we do is a tough gig, buy off any of us and keep money in the country and away from mega companies and we will be stoked. 

Thanks for the chat Matt.

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