The Super Jambo Grom Pre MAXXX

15th Jan

1000km / 600km

Northern Tablelands, NSW

The Super Jambo Grom Pre MAXXX – MAXXXimum pleasure, MAXXXimum adventure

(please note that the date listed is the Grand Finish date, starting date is up to you)

The Super Jambo Grom Pre MAXXX, a self-supported bikepacking or touring adventure hosted by jambi jambi on the Northern Tablelands in NSW this January 2022. And it’s a chance to shake off some bad juju from the year and start the New Year with more strength of heart and conviction for cycling. 

The route starts and finishes on Dunghutti land in a township called Walcha. Home of some of the best touring weather, roads and a growing community. 

The route boasts 75% off-road terrain, travels through; 5 National Parks, 10 small to medium townships, 3 state forests, secluded country roads, 13 river systems, 1 country city and finishes back where you started for an almighty pub meal. 

The ride was inspired by the notoriously difficult Canberra to Melbourne Hunt 1000 route, which has a less than 50% finishing rate. The Grom Pre MAXXX aims to create a more accessible, still challenging 1000km route that is not limited to an elite version of a cyclist. By targeting a wider audience I hope to highlight the existing diversity in the bike industry and welcome further inclusion. The goal is a 50/50 ratio for the event. So gather your friends.

Registration is only $15 AUD and the routes will be available for purchase closer to the date – these will have full detail of camping, resupply, water and more. The routes will also be available without detail for free. If you are a real adventurer.

The Super Jambo Grom Pre franchise is a group of events, created by Jorja Creighton done randomly, when motivation and creativity strikes. But always brought to you by Jambz Distribution. 

Registration is here

More information is here

For burning questions you can contact Jambi at

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Organised by: Jorja Creighton


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