New England High Country 1000

Words by Jorja Creighton
Photos by Jorja, Jack Durr & Jake Campbell
Route on RideWithGPS

2 minutes

The lengthy journey around the New England High country in Northern NSW gives you the best chance to see big-sky Australian country.

The New England High Country 1000 is a circumnavigation of the highest plateau on the Great Dividing Range. It also indulges you in the steeper, lush forests of the New England National Park and Guy Fawkes National Park. Where the old growth rainforest remains untouched and the tracks get steeper, more remote and adventurous. 

The New England High Country 1000

The New England High Country is a magnificent, approachable bikepacking and touring country. In many ways, Australia’s spaciousness can make it difficult to connect beautiful roads. This route gives a complete circumnavigation of the New England High Country connecting quiet and historic townships for resupply every few days. 

The route has been pulled together from a number of experienced riders who live and love the region. It was born to expose the region as some of the best bikepacking and touring country in NSW.

The route combines the finest roads with the picturesque historical townships, and the national beauty of the area. 

Notes From The Route

New England High Country offers visitors a truly evocative and unique experience with a contrasting landscape of dramatic gorges, stunning waterfalls and awe-inspiring views to the east and rolling granite landscapes and open plains to the west. The regional city and towns share the amazing natural experiences and offer their individual charms and stories brimming with unique characters.

Expect to ride on well graded gravel country roads, if following the suggested start and clockwise direction you will have 4 or 5 days to warm up before the gradients start to increase. The first 3 quarters of the route is very near 100% rideable and is the faster section of the route. Your speed will slow on the final quarter of the ride going to steeper 4wd tracks in the National Parks. 

You will have perennial rivers to cross, pass old homesteads and ghostly cattle stations, you will lose yourself in the vastness of the forests of Guy Fawkes and experience the best night sky Australia has to offer. 


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