The Monaro Cloudride

2nd Apr


Bentspoke Brewery, Braddon, ACT

Organised by Breathtaking Events, the Monaro Cloudride is a 1000km route that starts and finishes in Canberra. This event is designed very much to be a race, rather than a tour, but that doesn’t mean you have to complete it in any set time. 

Needless to say, this is a challenging, self supported route through difficult and often remote terrain. Unfortunately, the Monaro Cloudride didn’t happen last year, but a date has been set for 2021, and it will hopefully go ahead during the first weekend in April.

The route passes through many fire affected areas of ACT and NSW national parks and has been changed to accommodate park closures. There’s still work to be done finalising the route, TBC.

All being well, the 2021 Monaro Cloudride will depart at 8:00am on Friday 2nd April from the Bentspoke Brewery in Braddon. The route finishes at the same location, 1000km later.

Sign up via the Breathtaking Events website.

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Organised by: Breathtaking Events