The Mallee Blast 1000

26th Nov


Torquay VIC 3228

The Mallee Blast 500/1000 is a gravel bikepacking route starting from Torquay and heading in an anti clockwise loop to Swan Hill return.

The route is designed to be gravel bike, CX and MTB friendly. Passing through regular resupply points, it is an ideal introduction to bikepacking. For those inclined for speed, an excellent race which will be exciting for both riders and dot watchers alike. 

The very first Grand Depart is Friday 26th November for both distances (postponed from the original date ofFriday October 29, 2021).

Head to the Mallee Blast Facebook discussion group to keep up to date with event news.

bikepacking at sunset on the Mallee Blast 1000 route

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Organised by: Rishi Fox, Ben May & Ross Burrage


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