The Hunt 1000 2022

19th Mar


Canberra, ACT

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The grand finish date is Saturday 19th March 2022.

While the start date for The Hunt 1000 2021 is up to you, Dan Hunt recently announced a new finish date of Saturday 19th March. Registrations were full for the original event, but may open up again closer to the new dates. You can message Hunt Bikes to go on the waiting list.

If you’re planning on taking eight days to complete the ride, that puts the start date at 11th March, or the 9th March if you’re planning on a (slightly) less challenging 10 day ride.

The Hunt 1000 is an epic 1000km route that traverses the Australian high country between Canberra and Melbourne. With a regular finishing rate that’s less than fifty percent, this is one heck of a tough ride. 

Here’s the film from the 2018 ride to see what it’s all about:

Dan Hunt, founder of Hunt Bikes, created the route to make the most of the rugged and beautiful terrain that’s so unique to the landscape between Melbourne and Canberra. Passing through Kosciuszko, Alpine and Namadgi national parks, the 1000km route gives riders a real taste of the wilderness. 

Alongside the abundant native flora and fauna along the Hunt 1000 route, one of the highlights for riders is the chance to pass by, and camp beside the historic alpine huts that litter the area. 

Weaving together a network of fire trails, alpine paths, gravel tracks and country roads, sometimes you’ll wish you had a randonneur with slick 32’s, other times you’ll wish you had a fat bike, and sometimes it just doesn’t matter because its too steep to pedal. The trail conditions and the elevation profile are about as varied as the alpine weather can be. This all combines to make the route a beautiful challenge.

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Organised by: Hunt Bikes


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