Barrington Coast 500

26th Jun

300km | 500km

Gloucester, Barrington Coast, NSW

The Barrington Coast 500 is a self-supported ride taking in the best of the Barrington Coast region. The route starts and finishes in Gloucester, NSW.

Like most casual bikepacking events, there is no support and you can choose to ride the route(s) as quickly or slowly as you choose.

For the 2022 Barrington Coast 500, there will be two routes available. The longer (500km) route, takes in the highlands, while a shorter (300km) route will take you towards the coast.

Instead of a grand depart this year, due to the wildly different routes, there will be a grand finish. Start when you want, but aim to be at The Roundabout Inn for a beer and burger on Sunday afternoon at ~1pm on the 26th June 2022.

Head over to the event facebook page to check out the routes and show interest in taking part.

Check out Johnno’s recap of the previous edition.

Go to event website


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