Newcastle Overnight

20th Nov — 21st Nov


Sydney - Newcastle, NSW

While not a bikepacking event, the Newcastle Overnight is organised by one of Australia’s biggest bikepacking advocates, Oliver Cashman. Riding through the night is also well worth practicing if you fancy ‘racing’ a bikepacking event. See below for information about the Newcastle Overnight ride from their website:

Newcastle overnight is a semi-organised through the night ride from Sydney to Newcastle. It draws inspiration and outright copies, the annual Dunwich Dynamo ride in England.

The idea is for the intrepid masses to join together to cycle a moderately challenging distance (100miles or 160km), in somewhat unusual circumstances (the night time), and have a thoroughly wonderful time doing it.

The ride is generally scheduled around the full moon at the end of November, because the weather should be nice, the night short and the sea is warm. We roll out from observatory hill at 9pm.

We are riding to Newcastle because we like it there. Much nicer than Sydney, We wouldn’t be surprised if some people ended up staying there. Also it allows us to get  a nice little bit of alliteration happening.

Riders will need to be prepared for this is an unsupported ride. This means taking your own supplies of food and water, patch kit, pump, tubes, and tools.  There’s no following magic bus to sweep you up or mend your bike but fellow riders often work wonders. Riders will be expected, or rather encouraged by generous prizes to help one-another. But ultimately the the ride is unsupported. You are on your own. If you’re in trouble, expect help from others but if you just get too tired or a knee gives out or whatever, then you’ll have to find a lift or cab to get you to the nearest station.

Go to event website

Organised by: Oliver Cashman


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